Special thanks must go to all those listed below without whom the projects shown would never have been realised




Product designers 


Andrew Wainright

Chris Samwell

Christopher Hall

Clive Grinyer

Damian Evans

Elizabeth Allen

Felix Scarlett

Francois Lecomte

Garrick Stark

Graham Allen

Hugo Davidson

James Lawrie

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Tremlett

Kerrin Lyons

Marcus Orton

Mark Jones

Martin Riley

Martin Witts

Michael Ellams

Michael Taylor

Morag Hutcheon

Paul Canning

Peter Phillips

Philip Gray

Russell Bonner

Simon Lunn

Stephen Williams

Wells Small

William Lee

Zara Rankin



Design Engineers


Anthony Lowe

Anthony Pointer

Christopher Fenwick

David Archer

David Dartnall

David Poulter

Granville Callan

Lloyd Vincent

Peter Walmsley



Model makers


Bob Moore

Brian Flounders

Carl Drew

David Plewis

Ian Dampney

Ian Mc Williams

Jamie Carruthers


Paul Curran

Prototype Projects

Richard McKinder

Timothy Davies






Barry Drake

Clive Solari

Davis Associates



Graphic designers


Amanda Tatham

Akio Yamamoto

Alice Frenlisch

Christopher Drake

Debbie Payne

Eva Szegedi

Harland Lewis

Howard Brown

Madeline Bennett

Sarah Clark

Sheila Selden



Market researchers


Antonio de Christofano

David Humphries

Paul Turnock

ODS Corporation Tokyo




plus of course the many members of client teams and suppliers too numerous to mention.













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