Early work


While at college Barrie Weaver won the Colman's Design Award with this simple design left – the trigger for what was to become a very successful range of products.


In the early 70s the scale model maker Airfix had excess manufacturing capacity which they wished to exploit. Just out of college and working at Conran, Weaver was given the task of creating design ideas to explore plastics. Using the Colman's design as inspiration we created this range of colourful ABS containers with at that time unusually thick walls to give  high quality. The inspiration for the 3 hole lids came from American bowling balls.


Crayonne Input went on to become an iconic product of 1970s and examples sit in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the V&A London.



Following  the success of Input we were asked to explore other opportunities to exploit plastics leading to the design this range of integrated bathroom fittings  - some wall hung, some freestanding. 


One detail we liked was to use of blown moulded bellows to hold the loo paper in place. A simple, very low cost idea replacing the use of springs and turned wood components.


Italian company Bieffe was well known as a major manufacturer of professional drawing boards and drafting machines when Weaver was asked by MD Guido Anselmi to create a drawing board for the home.


Weaver’s design features a simple 

tilt mechanism with construction

and finishes giving a design to be both a conventional table as well as a drafting unit.


The desk went into production in  chrome and primary colours selling all across Europe and the United States.


Newbury Laboratories

In the early days of computers Newbury Laboratories was one of a number of small UK companies exploring  the new technology. Its first VDU had been a steel box construction, ugly, unfriendly to touch, heavy and cumbersome to assemble.


Initially we were asked to design a new casing without disturbing the existing arrangement of components. However sketching a few alternatives soon persuaded the client to review the product more thoroughly.


Conscious of the touchy issue of capital investment we thought carefully about the use of plastics. We proposed the tube and circuit boards be assembled on a sub chassis composing of just two components to allow easy testing prior to installation in the main body which was made of two identical Noryl mouldings sourced from Italy.


In every aspect this product was designed to suit the practical realities of the client’s business.




For this German manufacturer Weaver designed  a range of wall lights, ceiling fittings and table lamps intended for the hotel sector and public areas of large buildings.



Steel bodied coffee percolator with bright enamel finish featuring a cast aluminium handle with integrated lid hinge



Side table custom designed for the conference facility within the headquarters of this UK computer company, now part of Fujitsu. We were responsible for both design and procurement on behalf the client.


Folding children’s rocking horse as easy to assemble flat pack made by Scotwood Products for Habitat.



Cobra task light using rubber corrugated flexible arm produced in small quantities.


Cube loudspeakers designed and made for my own home.



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