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Kanebo is one of Japan’s largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies with a cosmetics range that sells world-wide.  Rapidly changing social attitudes in Japan alerted the company to a new market opportunity, for medicated toiletries for young men.


This represented a significant change in Kanebo’s target market, calling for a new and distinctive brand concept.


We designed the logo to reflect the aspirations of the fit and health-conscious Japanese young man, featuring a distinctive chiselled profile and a name researched for recognition in Japan. 




Packaging design has a technology feel that communicates masculinity and clinical values.  Particular emphasis was placed on high-quality closures with a mechanical action that’s a pleasure to use, as well as providing the required seal.


On launched eight million items were sold in the first six months.  


Dorling Kindersley

With large portfolio of stereo flora and fauna images production company 3-D Eye was looking for ways to present them as nature books for the young.


Our task was to explore viable ways by which this could be achieved with the knowledge that price point' is a major factor in the success of such publications.


The key element was a mirror that needed to be set accurately between the stereo images. We developed a number of concepts our favourite being a plastic case with mirror mounting into which various volumes could be slotted. 


You bought the basic unit and then added volumes as you wished. Alas this proved a step too far for book retailers and we resorted to the design individual volumes each with a viewer more akin to a book. The 3-D books were launched on the international market by Dorling Kindersley. 

Marks & Spencer

For the majority of our projects technical function is the overriding aspect of a product’s success - design is the adjunct that makes the performance a more enjoyable experience.


However in the cosmetics sector the promise of the product must be manifest in the packaging. Every detail of material, touch, form and colour become an experience both for the eye and the mind. A package must be functional yet also a delight to touch and feel with a form that evokes the values of the product within.



Over the years we have designed many bottles, a number of them  for Marks & Spencer.


With this design for a range of toiletries we explored soft forms evocative of clouds and trees combined with subtle textural differences between polished and matt surfaces.


Put into production the toiletries range ran for 3 years selling around 15 million items a year.


Brand Identities


Logo design for this high specification audio equipment manufacturer.




Brand creation for a Private Capital advisory with offices in Geneva and Tel Aviv



Long Capital

Brand identity and guidelines for an Asset Management team based in London and Florida


Logo to reflect the aspirations of the fit and health-conscious Japanese young man, featuring a distinctive chiselled profile


Balfour Beatty

Creating the brand identity for a joint venture company to install fibre optic cables using the blown fibre technique.


Sira Institute

Having worked with Sira on the development of the product we subsequently developed the Ometron 'accuracy' logo  for the new spin off company.  


Balfour Beatty

Working on a product strategy gives us a unique understanding of what a company has to offer its market, so we are also very well placed to help communicate that message to customers. 


Typical of this is the branding and literature we produced for Blolite, a division of Balfour Beatty.


Blolite is an optical communications system designed to maximise the benefits of blown fibre technology in local area networking.  Optical cabling can be added whenever it is required within a passive duct infrastructure by blowing specially designed fibres into selected ducts using compressed air and the compact Blolite installation equipment which we also designed.



Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park’s stunning visual effects excited considerable interest, not only in the film itself but also in how the film was made.  So when it came to the launch of the video, something extra was called for – the DNA pack that we created in association with the Universal Pictures team.  It is moulded in plastic to simulate an explorer’s toolbox and contains two videos, explanatory booklets and assorted souvenirs. 



Following the design stage we gave Universal a turnkey solution supervising every element of production and supply.


In the six weeks prior to Christmas, nearly a quarter of a million packs were sold world-wide.  They have since become collectors’ items, particularly in Japan.



Lloyds Bank

In the era prior to internet banking Lloyds Bank was keen to attract students to open their first account. As part of a strategic exercise to present the Bank’s “softer side” we created this moulded plastic case which would serve a double purpose of forming a presentation pack, and then subsequently be use by students for  filing bank statements.



We were responsible for the full design, technical detailing and procuring the product on behalf of the Bank.


7 Towns

Confronting the advances of technology can be a tricky when you're business has been built around tradition but this was just the situation that 7 Towns found itself in as its market began to change.


With a portfolio of games built around cards, boards and dice the company knew it needed fresh ideas to attract the next generation. 

We were set the task of integrating simple electronic features into a proposed pocket game based around cards and dice as its first new venture.


An important element was the packaging since the concept had to be ‘pocketable’ and tactile. 

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